Weird Programs


I guess this is my first draft of my weird programs

I have massive problem in organising my program and spatializing them last week. Talk to Maria about and say I feel I would do that if I write my program like a screen play, because I feel my project lack juices and stories. It helps a lot. And in doing so it opened up to new possibility of different program ( as creative juice flow) and liberated me from the generic typology.

This is what it looked like initially. Lets call it draft version 0.5




Here are some of the collage to illustrate the screen plays

1 7

Now I will start to spatialize some of the programs hopefully. Has been really struggling with finding the right spatial reference.

No progress on TS.

And here is a link to a collection of interesting painting

From “The Pathology of Nowhere” Series, Federico Infante (2012-2013)